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COVID-19 Update About Joint Commission Survey Resumption

The Joint Commission will resume regular surveys and reviews in June 2020, with safety as the top priority. Account executives will contact organizations due for a survey to assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their operations and will prioritize low-risk areas that surveyors can go into safely. The survey process will employ physical distancing practices to ensure the safety of all parties. These measures will include limiting the number of individuals in group sessions and tracer activities and using audio or video conferencing and other technology solutions when feasible.

The survey will be a thorough assessment but will not retroactively review compliance. Surveyors will work to understand how the organization has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic and review current practices to ensure safe care is being provided in a safe working environment. Topics may include strategies to minimize exposure, standard and transmission-based precautions including personal protective equipment, patient placement, precautions for aerosol-generating procedures, engineering controls, environmental and equipment cleaning, visitor management, and lessons learned during activation of the emergency operations plan.
Questions regarding the resumption of regular surveys and reviews can be directed to the organization’s assigned account executive. Resources are also available at

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