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Various instrument images and alternate names courtesy of Ascendco Health. All rights reserved.

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(About Laparoscopic Instruments)
Fan Retractor
Laparoscopic Babcock
Laparoscopic Blunt Grasper
Laparoscopic Dissecting Forceps
Laparoscopic Hook Cautery
Laparoscopic Linear Stapling Device
Laparoscopic Loop Ligature
Laparoscopic Needle Holder
Laparoscopic Peanut Dissector
Laparoscopic Right Angle Dissecting Forceps
Laparoscopic Scissor
Laparoscopic Spatula
Laparoscopic specimen retrieval bag
Laparoscopic Suction Irrigation Device
Laproscopic Ultrasonic Shears (Harmonic)
Optical Trocar
Single Incision Trocar