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Various instrument images and alternate names courtesy of Ascendco Health. All rights reserved.

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Bailey Rib Approximator
Battery-Powered Drill
Beck Aortic Clamp
Bonney Tissue Forceps
Cerebellar Retractor
Debakey Clamp
Debakey Forceps
Dull Trocar
Gerald Forceps
Harrington Retractor
Jacobson Micro Vascular Needle Holder
Laparoscopic Blunt Grasper
Laparoscopic Dissecting Forceps
Laparoscopic Hook Cautery
Laparoscopic Peanut Dissector
Laparoscopic Scissor
Laparoscopic Spatula
Lung Biopsy Needle
Pleural and peritoneal drainage
Sarot Bronchus Clamp