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This Device Video Instructions content is provided as a service to users of AORN's eGuidelines+. This content is not created by AORN and AORN is not responsible for it. These instructional videos are developed by the device manufacturers and AORN has not checked their accuracy. AORN does not endorse any company's products or services. Learn more by clicking here.

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SchureMed Great White HD 1000 Stirrup Boot System
SchureMed Great White Platinum Stirrups
SchureMed Schure Spine Frame
Shoulder Float™
Sideline™ Lateral Positioning System
Solorail Knee Positioner
SPIDER Limb Positioner
SPIDER2 Limb Positioner
Standard SMART Rollboard
Surgical Leg Elevators
The Azul ITPW®
The Genesis and Hadron LIFT
The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP®
The Gully™ System
The Hadron FPLS
The Hippy™ Direct Anterior Hip Positioning System