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This Device Video Instructions content is provided as a service to users of AORN's eGuidelines+. This content is not created by AORN and AORN is not responsible for it. These instructional videos are developed by the device manufacturers and AORN has not checked their accuracy. AORN does not endorse any company's products or services. Learn more by clicking here.

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Patient Positioner Axillary Rolls
Pelvis Raising Operative Positioner (PROP)
Pivot Foot Holder
Prone Foam
Reison Medical Adjustable Head Support
RepoSheet® Lift Aid
Safe-T-Secure® Trendelenburg Positioner
Sage AirTAP
Sage HalfMATS
Sage Heel Protector OR
Sage Prevalon MATS
Samarit MRI CT Ambulance Rollboard
Samarit Standard HighTec Rollboard
Samarit Surgiboard
Sandel® Z-SLIDER
SchureMed Complete SchureLoc XPS Shoulder System
SchureMed E-Z Lift Surgical Beach Chair